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ASPECT 3 or Art belongs to everyone - auction exhibition of painter Éva Schmuck

Schmuck Éva
Schmuck Éva

The painter and clarinetist Éva Schmuck, born in Sopron, moved to Vienna eight years ago with her husband, Péter Bíró, the former conductor of the Budapest Operettszínház. Éva built her musical career in Hungary in Budapest, Győr and Vácott for several years. His life has been paralleled by music and visual arts since childhood, so he brought the painter's brushes with him to Austria in addition to his musical instrument. The mother of two children has been holding painting courses and workshops for various age groups as a founding member of the Infinity Art Studio in Vienna for the second year now. Organized by Bécsi Szelet Magazin, the auction exhibition ASPEKT 3 will be opened in the capital on December 5, 2023. The entire income of the event supports the fine arts training for children organized by the artist's studio.

Éva Schmuck's artistic career was, one might say, preordained: joint drawing and painting were present as everyday leisure activities in the family's life from Éva's childhood. Éva has had solo and group art exhibitions since 2007. The young painter, following invitations from the galleries in Budapest and Sopron, has already been invited to present herself several times in Vienna.

The opening of Éva Schmuck's upcoming exhibition, ASPEKT 3, organized by Bécsi Szelet Magazin, will take place on December 5, 2023, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the downtown Café Wilheim (Franz Franz -Josefs-Kai 39, 1010 Wien).

The creator, who is well-known not only in Hungarian circles, defines himself as a modern figurative painter. His visual art ideas are mostly recorded in the spirit of surrealism: Visions and emotional images created from stories unfolding in his dreams appear in his pictures. His works depict the pathfinding of a balanced soul, and are built from past experiences and fragments of dream memories.

Schmuck Éva
Schmuck Éva

“Dreams contain messages that can help in finding answers related to the current life situation in the waking state and making the resulting decisions. These messages always have different content. What they have in common is that they help the development of the soul and spirit, and at the same time, they present decision-making situations, the answers to which are formulated not by the images, but by the impressions and feelings created by the recipient." Éva Schmuck told the Bécsi Szelet Magazine.

“Life is a continuous series of decisions. My picture series called ASPECTS is also about the fact that things can be approached from so many points of view. Our choices also always stem from a point of view determined by the circumstances of the given moment or life situation. In this way, my works can be interpreted in several ways with the help of the messages placed in them. I think that this is the essence of all works of art, be it poetry, music or fine art.” - explained Éva Schmuck.

Éva Schmuck's pictures, which will be presented on December 5, are made with acrylic painting technique on canvas, but depending on the theme she "finds", she also likes to paint on wooden surfaces, such as cupboard doors. Éva mostly shows her thoughts and feelings by hand with a brush and without the use of tools. He mastered painting techniques with the help of his father and at previous art forums and further training courses over the years. He developed his individual creative style through his experiences in the Fine Arts Circle of the Alps.

Schmuck Éva
Schmuck Éva

Éva does not primarily consider herself a painter or a musician, but a creator who displays the content she conveys through various channels. Whether it is painting or music, for him the process of creation is a means of filling the soul. He believes that he enriches himself by addressing others and expressing the emotional and thought vibrations centered in him.

I like to use the shades of blue the most, the deeper tones are the closest to me. This color can express many moods. It can be used to show calmness and disturbing feelings at the same time. However, the effect caused by the images is not only created by the use of shades, it is also very important what colors I pair together. I think that the experience of art belongs to everyone: Even without special preparation or technical knowledge, if we just play with colors on a sheet of paper or canvas, the experience of creation becomes accessible to anyone. Painting is one of the most ancient means of self-expression, with which a person expresses himself in such a way as to help himself and others alike in processing the countless experiences that arise during life." - says Éva Schmuck, who, together with graphic artist and painter Szilvia Bánki, has been operating the Infinity Art Studio for a year now in a fixed location in an apartment in the 14th district of Vienna.

Schmuck Éva
Schmuck Éva

The Infinity Art Studio studio, gallery and education center at the same time, where Éva and Szilvia hold painting and graphics courses for children and adults with great success. The goal is to convey the joy of creation, to develop skills and techniques, and to support the development of creative abilities. "The instinctive need for artistic activities is as old as the history of mankind, which is encoded in us from the moment we are born. This is what makes us human.” says Éva Schmuck.

The instinctive desire to create is present in children in a much more natural way than in adults. Children easily find joy in drawing, painting, or even playing with plasticine, whether they are in the family circle, in kindergarten or at school. The difference between creating at home and being present within the framework of our art studio is that in the Infinity Art Studio young people can get to know and use tools that an average household does not have, and the fact that with the help of qualified artists, accelerated learning they can display their creative energies through processes." - believes the artist Éva Schumck, who during the last years Mázli and Szamóca - Discovering the secret forest, he also wrote a highly successful storybook for children with his own illustrations.

The entire proceeds of the ASPEKT 3 auction exhibition opening, which can be visited free of charge on December 5, 2023 at 7 p.m., support Infinity Art Studio's education for children. At the event, clarinetist Éva Schmuck with conductor Péter Bíró (piano) will present jazz improvisational tunes decorated with elements of Hungarian folk songs, which are born in Café Wilheim based on the mood of the given situation and inspired by the impressions of the moment.

Date: December 5, 2023, 7 p.m.

Location: Café Wilheim (Franz-Josefs-Kai 39, 1010 Wien)

The exhibition December 5-8, 2023. can be visited between.

Visiting the program and the exhibition is free of charge!



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