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Artist Édua Zádory - Enclosed love, Or the secret of a covered picture

The violinist and painter Édua Zádory, born in Kiskunhalas, has been a significant creative player in the vibrant cultural life of Vienna for more than two decades.

The counterpoints defined by the mutually reinforcing duality of image and sound emerge markedly in many areas of his life. His dual existence invites him to work as a talent trainer and performer in the bustling giant city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and in the European stronghold of classical music, Vienna, among the scenery of a world city framed by blood and splendor, which was once feared, and sometimes praised by baroque.

Those interested can meet Édua Zádory in mid-October as both a visual artist and a violinist within the artist-friendly walls of Vienna's Café Wilheim (Franz-Josefs-Kai 39, 1010 Wien).

The secret image put up for auction
The secret image put up for auction

Yehudi Menuhin's student, who is a member of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Rezidenz Zenekar and various quartet music ensembles, is preparing for a special experiment 2023. on October 16, starting at 7:00 p.m. in one of the highly rated workshops of Hungarian cultural life in the capital, Café Wilheim.

At the Bécsi Szelet magazine organized and organized in cooperation with Brand Art Studio, eight fine art works created by Édua Zádory goes under the hammer (!) as part of the opening of an auction exhibition.

The artist is preparing for the exhibition with a surprise.
The artist is preparing for the exhibition with a surprise.

Constantly changing art genres shaped by music and image, holding the storms of history in indestructible sails, they have been riding the waves rising on the sea of humanity's journey, inspiring each other since the beginning of culture. Methis is an unshakable, fruitful relationship, love at its best, which creates a thousand feelings and vibrates the finest strings of the human soul.

Enclosed love, or the secret of a veiled picture, the exhibition, which can be visited for a week, promises the experience of an uplifting encounter between musical sounds arranged into a melody and human feelings recorded on canvas using a multitude of techniques.

Édua Zádory's fine art work also began almost a decade ago with a great love. “I needed something to ease the pain of being disappointed in love. That's how I found fine art. Drawing and painting are a kind of therapy for me. There are no limits beyond the dimensions of the canvas, in contrast to playing the violin, where extraordinary attention and discipline are present behind the light performer's presence. As a violinist, while the music is on, as a visual artist, the imagery is off. It all happens that in both cases I'm in the same place: I'm moving towards the deepest points of my soul." - admits Édua Zádory.

Édua takes his pictures using a technique he developed. He invests nearly a hundred hours of work in the creation of each work. By drawing small circles that are barely visible to the naked eye, and arranging them closely together, he formulates his states of mind. "Because the devil is always in the details." - says Édua Zádory.

The motifs of his pictures are often developed under the influence of impressions determined by musical experiences. His art is the art of the "now", the purpose of which is to depict the soul in a visualized form and to experience and process the inner experiences thus created.

At the opening of the musical auction exhibition Enclosed Love, Or the Secret of a Covered Image, which will be held at Café Wilheim on October 16, 2023, Édua Zádory will also present a covered image. The artist offers the "invisible" work for sale in the form of a bid. The amount raised from the auction supports the talent development program of the violin school run by Édua Zádory in Argentina.

A work can take up to 100 hours to complete.
A work can take up to 100 hours to complete.

Édua Zádory is the European ambassador of Argentine music and the Argentine ambassador of European music. On October 23, 2023, well-known Hungarian and temperamental Argentinian melodies will be played on the violin by Édua at the opening of the musical auction exhibition "Closed Love, Or the Secret of a Covered Picture".

The opening event is sponsored by Raul De Marr Tanztheater Company dancers.

Entry to the program is free, but registration is required. Please send your name to the email address below.


Date of the event: 2023. October 16, 7 p.m.

Location: Café Wilheim (Franz-Josefs-Kai 39, 1010 Wien)

The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of Café Wilheim until October 24, 2023.

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